Meyerson HallPhiladelphia, PA, United States

Surface Effects: Architectural Tile & Terrazzo and its Conservation

By School of Design - University of Pennsylvania (other events)

Fri, Feb 28 2020 8:00 AM Sat, Feb 29 2020 5:00 PM

This two-day symposium and workshop will explore the history, design, and conservation of architectural tile and terrazzo. Presentations (Day 1) will explore the use of ceramic and glass tile, mosaic and terrazzo, with a focus on their design, application,  performance, deterioration, repair, and conservation. These masonry materials have been used historically as both decorative and functional skins and their revival, especially in the latter half of the 20th century, argues for renewed consideration. The workshop (Day 2) will focus on traditional installation methods and current methods and materials for addressing treatment repairs to tile and terrazzo surfaces. These interactive demonstrations will allow participants to better understand these materials and best practices in their their repair and conservation.

More information coming soon. 

Day 1 Symposium: Meyerson Hall - Lower Gallery/Upper Gallery
The Stuart Weitzman School of Design
210 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Day 2 Workshop: IMI/BAC Local 1 PA/DE Training Center
2702 Black Lake Place
Philadelphia, PA

Hosted by The Stuart Weitzman School of Design Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, the International Masonry Institute, and the Association for Preservation Technology – Delaware Valley Chapter

School of Design - University of Pennsylvania