Laser Cleaning Workshop for Art & Architecture

By School of Design - University of Pennsylvania (other events)

Thu, Oct 6 2016 8:30 AM Fri, Oct 7 2016 5:00 PM

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is pleased to host a 2 day workshop on laser cleaning for art and architecture. This program has been generously sponsored by PennDesign, the International Masonry Institute, the Association for Preservation Technology – Delaware Valley Chapter and AIC-ASG.

Laser cleaning is quickly becoming more affordable in addition to its immense benefits as an effective, sensitive, non-polluting tool for cleaning art works and structures, yet the technology remains poorly understood by many professionals in the United States. The workshop agenda has been structured to discuss these laser types in the context of smaller cleaning projects vs. those projects at an industrial of architectural scale.   In addition, while there are many laser systems in use throughout the international community, the laser systems that have been selected to be demonstrated as part of this program represent the types of equipment currently accessible within the United States either for purchase or rental.  

The workshop has been designed to expose the participants to two of the more common laser ablation system types: stationary optic and scanning optic lasers. The speakers have been selected to represent a cross section of those professionals actively engaged in one form or another with lasers.  These include conservators, owner’s representatives, collection managers, architects, masonry contractors, construction managers, and manufacturers. The morning lectures will be followed by workshops in the afternoon to enable participants to use or view the different systems in action. Representing the two laser types will be 4 different manufacturer representatives: Adapt Laser Systems, El En Lasers, GC Laser Systems, and Lynton Lasers.  

In addition to the lectures and hands on component, we are asking current professionals engaged in laser projects to develop posters for presentations. The poster session will allow more one-on-one discussion regarding specific laser projects and the challenges that can be encountered and success that can be achieved with these systems. Please click here to download the poster application. 

Registration Fees:

$350 - Full Professional (2 Day)
$270 - Full Professional Affiliate (2 Day): for PennDesign Alumni, APT-DVC Members, IMI Affiliate Members, and organizational sponsors
$200 - Young Professional: Graduated from a design or trade program within the last 5 years. 

Program Sponsors:

University of Pennsylvania School of Design Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
International Masonry Institute
Association for Preservation Technology - Delaware Valley Chapter

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Program Agenda:

Please click here for full program agenda. 

Program Location: 

The University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Meyerson Hall
210 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Lectures: Lower Gallery
Laser Demonstratons: Upper Gallery & various locations within Meyerson Hall

School of Design - University of Pennsylvania